Tuesday 19 August 2014

Favourite singers return for TRIPLE BILL in September

Back for an evening of fun-filled opera are  SARAH  POWER    BRENDAN  COLLINS     
OWEN GILHOOLY and  RAPHAELA  MANGAN   who will be joined by our opera stars of the future   Soprano  SARAH  SHINE  and  Tenor  CONOR  BREEN with
Conductor  DAVID  BROPHY and  Director  HELENE  MONTAGUE who also wrote the new English libretto for Offenbach's hilarious comedy about a lottery ticket-  the rarely performed 
"Le 66".  Look forward also to a quartet of singing bridge players in Samuel Barber's tiny opera  "A HAND OF BRIDGE".  Completing an evening of non-tragic opera Wolf-Ferrari's 
"Susanna's Secret"unfolds an unusual secret with some sparkling music and virtuoso singing.